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Take a peek into the engineering majoring White House Glass’ selection of goods. An array of options is available with multiple track, color, and up to 60 different folding possibilities. At White House Glass we take tremendous pride in providing superior items combined with economic options alike. Every project receives our utmost care, as if it was being done within our own home. 

Are you looking to update the look of your home or business? Folding accordion doors are an excellent way to add style and functionality. They offer a unique alternative to traditional sliding or hinged doors and not only do they provide a modern aesthetic, but there are also numerous practical benefits associated with this type of door. From increased security to easy installation and maintenance, folding accordion doors can be a great addition for any residential or commercial space.



Folding Doors

Our multi-pane accordion doors move on a track laid in your floor to ensure quiet and seamless access. Easily unfoldable for regular use or tucked away with a slim look when needed, right at the border of the frame.

Folding Windows

Our folding windows do what our doors do -they are commonly placed together to form a pair. Have all your favorite colors and trims available when it comes to both types of installations!

Entry Doors

Alter the entire vibe of your house without getting extravagant -choose from iron doors, fiberglass doors, or wood doors to add luxury to efficiency on your doorstep!

Glass Handrail

An elegant balance between security and elegance is achieved through this sort of handrails built with glass for unblocked sights -a go-to for many high-class premises or high-level motels; equip your patio, balcony, hallway or borders of the pool!

Custom Designs

Boasting five regular colors and up to seventy-folding possibilities, you can be sure of an almost limitless selection –trust us here at White House Glass to provide premium items at reasonable prices!

Product coverage

You can rest assured with our industry-topping guarantee policy -lifetime warranty on rollers and hinges, 20 year limited warranty on glass, and 10 year limited warranty on all frames.




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    Our motto

    Meaningful beyond words, “Done right, not twice” is what we abide by –tasks must always be carried out precisely and presented with pride; for every purchase of product or service, clients trust in US to handle their most precious asset!


    Why we are different

    The specialists at White House Glass Inc. have been providing magnificent wall openings ever since we started out in 2016, expertly crafting folding doors and windows that meet all the requirements of residential & corporate properties!


    Our Latest Work

    Here you can see some of our completed projects. View the photos section for more!

    Folding Doors


    MEet the owner

    Robert started his career in the window and door industry in 2008. A Southern California native, with an eye for big beautiful buildings that were covered in glass. Working his way through a 4 year apprenticeship with a local glazing union, and journeying out in 2012. 

    After working for several years, Robert couldn’t ignore the fact that quality and communication was severely lacking between the companies he worked for, and its customers. In the fall of 2015, he put it all on the line to get his specialty contractor’s license, and set out on his own, in hopes to bring customers the total package: quality, price, and a company they could trust. 

    Over the next several years, he went from a 2-man operation, to a crew of 12 employees, working tirelessly to improve the stigma of “nightmare contractors” and provide people with quality work that they were proud of. 

    In 2019 Robert, his wife, and their 4 children visited Texas on vacation and knew that was where God wanted them to be. With another leap of faith, they put it all on the line again, and relocated to Kaufman Texas. Fast forward 2 years, and business is thriving! Robert continues to build relationships with customers, and provides quality work with second-to-none customer service. 


    Robert’s motto “done right, not twice” is more than just a slogan. It is the company’s core value. Providing customers quality work the first time, every time.



    Hailing from Texas, White House Glass provides expertized services for home as well as commercial windows & doors needs -especially those with bifold & sliding abilities! This particular business belongs to a family making sure customers are presented with exceptional attention in conjunction with topnotch commitment each time; the industry experience behind them extends thirteen lengthy years confirming them as premium pros when it comes to executing projects right on schedule!

    It’s an honor to announce ourselves as the official retailer & installation service for EZfoldadoor products -We’re privileged to exclusively provide such amazing folding door systems right here in Texas; what’s more our technicians are even sought after nationwide when it comes to assembly!

    Furthermore our establishment handles everything from windows & entry points to shower cubicles and iron doors plus all significant types of sliding/folding doors as well as extra pieces like handrails or windscreens –no doubt it’s an incredibly comprehensive scope!Backed by the slogan of “done right, not twice”, our team stands firmly behind the notion that each job needs to be executed perfectly and with utmost care –Because when customers come to us they’re investing in much more than just a product/service -they’re putting faith into us to get the job done perfectly on their most valuable asset!

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    5 Star Review

    “Robert replaced every interior and exterior door in my house. He did an awesome job, detail oriented and sense of humor to boot. Fair pricing and professional quality work even with all my custom requests. Highly recommend.”

    Kimberly H.

    Mesquite, TX

    5 Star Review

    “Robert and staff are absolutely fantastic!! Honest prices, very affordable, cleaned up everything after they were finished. Very highly recommend. Very happy customer 😀”

    Cassaundra B.

    Seagoville, TX

    5 Star Review

    “Thoroughly pleased, exterior door and storm door replacement. If you’re looking for someone you can trust it’s him. His name was Robert Jarman. Lastly, I don’t do reviews but he earned it.”

    Clay M.

    Seagoville, TX

    5 Star Review

    “Excellent. Did exactly what he said he would do and when he said. Good job.”

    Doris R.

    Rockwall, TX